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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 6, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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great savings. and a whole lot more. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara bloomquist is off and in the
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news, president-elect donald trump is planning to ask congress to front the money for a border wall between the u.s. and mexico. and the search is on for a pick-pocket that stole from eldery customers on the main line. and the big story is a normal possible snow storm this weekend. it wasn't much but enough snow fell overnight to make us break out the shovels and scrapers. this is chester county, where people were cleaning off they are cars and clearing the sidewalks. meteorologist, melissa magee, is tracking the snowfall totals and details on the next one. >> reporter: it was a nice welcome to 2017 with the snowfall across the delaware and lehigh valleys. and 3.2 inches in chester, burlington 2.4 and 1.8 inches in huff church. and philadelphia international
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airport we picked up 1.9 inches of snow and it has moved out and temperatures are cold in the wake and in at the freezing mark in philadelphia. and 28 in reading and feels like the teens north and west when you factor in the windchill and 32 at the coast in cape may. we get rid of one batch of snow and more is on the way for the start of our weekend. a winter storm watch for ocean county and burlington county and kent county and warning for cape may and sussex county we are expecting possible snowfall in higher accumulation. stormtracker 6 live double scan the actual area of low pressure is over the northern gulf of mexico. you see the snow and a mixed precipitation starting to gather and this will make its way up the eastern seaboard but mainly stay offshore. future tracker 6 showing you
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8:30 in the morning, we have the snow in philadelphia and areas in new jersey and higher amounts in delaware. what to expect tomorrow a period of snow on the way arriving during the free dawn area, but the heaviest snow reported at the coast and we'll go over the totals in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. meanwhile, local drivers were watching for slick spots during the morning rush and mostly smooth sailing on the highways. and katherine scott spoke with computers in northwest philadelphia. >> the city prepare ford this and brined ahead of time and 7:00 last night they began their salting operations and the vehicles stayed out throughout the night. as for the drivers we spoke to many of them allowed extra time. the first snow in our area this winter left behind several inches setting off these christmas decorations quite nicely in northeast philadelphia.
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as picturesque as it may be it was not all welcome. >> i think it stinks. >> i am not a fan of snow or cold weather, not at all. >> a nuisance at this point. i wish it would have been more and i would have had off from work. >> instead of nestling up inside wendy weaver and in of her neighbors were brushing and wiping off the snow to head to work or school. damion was holding out hope. >> you were hoping for a delayed opening? >> yes, looking at the scroll delays, did they say philadelphia yet. no. not not. >> sure enough cars are moving along just fine on roosevelt boulevard and drivers were keeping an eye on for slush and slick spots before the sun came up. >> in the big roads everything is good but the small blocks, they are still icy. >> i am more careful than normal. i don't want accidents, i want
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to be safe pick up my wife at work and go home safe. >> many people have their eye on potential more snow overnight. >> i would love it, i'm ready. >> we'll see what comes our way but drivers seem to be getting around okay and keeping an eye out for slick spots that remain. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." a new jersey transit bus was involved in a crash in burlington county in the last hour. they were both loaded on to tow trucks, they collide the at route 38 and pine street in mount holly, there are injuries but not sure how severe they are now. first responders diverted traffic through a parking lot. and a water main break is causing problems for a northeast philadelphia neighborhood this afternoon. chopper 6 hd was over the 11,000 block of mill brook road. water department crews are still making repairs here.
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the 8 inch main ruptured yesterday sending thousands of gallons of water into the street and the basement of a half dozen homes, water department crews spent last night pumping water out of the basements and crews are trying to assess the damage and what caused the main to break. a college student shot by philadelphia police more than two years ago reached a multimillion-dollar settlement. phil holland was years old. and two plain clothes investigators were investigating a crime and they shot him multiple pel times. today the city of philadelphia agreed to pay $4.4 million to settle the case and the agreement includes new training and protocol for plain clothes officers. later president-elect donald
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trump will receive a classified briefing from top intelligence officials with evidence that russia hacked the election. here is the latest from washington. >> the conclusion that president-elect trump continues to question as in this fox news interview. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody. >> u.s. intelligence others say unqu -- they lead to vladimir putin. and the u.s. electronic intercepts heard russians on donald trump's victory congratulating themselves on the outcome. >> there is overwhelming consensus and evident supplied by the community that russia did engage in an effort to impact on the elections. >> but the incoming commander and chief still not convinces, saying that the d inch c would
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not allow the fbi to see the commuter after being hacked by russia. how and why they are sure about the hacking if they never quintin demps a review of the commuters. >> spicher saying that he is a healthy sceptic. >> he will ask questions like that. not questioning the intelligence but how the conclusions were arrived at. >> today trump will also hear about key russian players keyed by the u.s. and that state propaganda outlets were behind fake and misleading news reports during the campaign. >> one of trump's biggest campaign promises back in the headlines, reportedly planning to ask congress to put up the money to build a border wall. he said that mexico can pay us back after the construction is complete. his senior dizer spoke about the
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plan this morning. >> congress is investigating the possibility of paying forward to make it more speedy and then having mexico pay for it after the fact. that is what congress is doing. mr. trump is clear nothing has changed. he is building the wall and mexico will pay for it. >> trump wants money for the wall to be added to a congressional funding bill and if lawmaker goes along with the plan it adds roughly $10 million to the spending bill that needs to pass in late april to keep the government up and running. and police in chester county are urging shoppers to be alert after a woman stole from customers at a grocery store. look at the images from the acme in devon, this woman followed elderly shoppers around the store and decretely took their wallets, took the cash when they were distracted and left the empty wallets behind and two $400 from two 80-year-old women.
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if you recognize the suspect contact the police. still to come on "action news" at noon, a man dangling from a ski lift is rescued thanks to a stranger's daring maneuvers. and more into the death of pop star, george michael, and melissa magee is back with a look at the accuweather forecast. including more snow. >> step one take a deep breath. the dream team of problem solvers is fixing your fails.
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>> rachael: going to make you look like you had a face lift. and a one skillet
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in chicago four people accused of beating a mentally disabled man and streaming it on facebook live are set to appear in court today. they each face hate crimes and kidnapping and battery charges in connection with the attack. investigators believe the victim was attacked for hours. >> the actions in that video are rep rehenceable. that along with racism have no
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place in the city of chicago or any place for that matter. >> the victim met with one of the suspects at an mcdonald's and spent days together driving around visiting friends and a pretend fight led to the broadcasted attack. dillon roof was convicted of killing nine people in a south carolina church in 2013. they have called family members to the stand to testify and could wrap up their case on monday and they are seeking the death penalty for roof. roof has not put up a case stating he should get life in prison or cross examined any witnesses. and now they are taking statements about the death of george michael. the pop star was found dead two weeks ago at his home in the uk. more tests are ordered. it's normal practice to take
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statements and denying reports that a major crime unit is now on the case. federal investigators are focusing on speed as they investigate the long island railroad crash, the train was going 10 miles per hour twice the speed limit when it slammed into the platt enforcement. they are testing the engineer for sleep apnea, the engineer says he has no memory of the crash. quick actions by a skier in colorado helped to save an unk. man dangling from a ski lift. video shows a skier hanging literally being strangled by his own backpack that is when mickey wilson climbed a lift tower and slid himself across the cable to get to the man and tried to kick the man lose and that didn't work they threw him a knife and he cut the man free.
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the victim should not be wearing a backpack in the first place. >> it's okay to use a backpack skiing, before you get on the chair-lift take it off and set it on your lap and don't wear it when you are riding the chair-lift. he competes all over the world balancing high over the ground on narrow ropes skills he used at just the right time. high above the earth astronauts are taking a space walk to energy the international space station. they ventured out this morning and connecting some fancy new batteries. and she now ties the record for the most space walks by a woman at able 56 the world's oldest and most experienced space woman ever. coming up on "action news" at noon, a baby crib that rocks a crying infant back to sleep. the new digital parenting
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the december jobs report is out today and shows modest gains for the u.s. economy and the last jobs report to be released before president obama leaves office. the labor department says that 156,000 jobs were added last month. a year of slower but solid hiring and the unemployment went up to 4.75%.
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hourly pay in december saw its biggest increase in more than seven years. there is a new baby crib on the market and promises to rock a crying child back to sleep. the smart crib is from a california startup company and has microphones and sensors to detect when a baby is crying and moving around and designed to automatically begin rocking back and forth to get the baby back to sleep and it will only move when the baby is secured in a swaddle. it can monitor the situation from a smart phone app. the price is steep at more than $1100. the "action news" team is working on stories for tonight at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli live with a preview. how do you like the baby crib? >> could have used that a few years ago rick. coming up today at 4:00, wait until you hear there story, a houston woman says that husband's extramarital affair
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motivated her to hit the gym. betsy says that she was overweight and depressed and trying to shed pounds three years ago and found out that her husband was cheating on her, today at 4:00 find out how her hanger was turned into a life changing experience and it's free by friday coming up at 4:00, all things that are 100% off. love that after the holidays and we'll get you some free things to do in and around philadelphia that you are going to love. rick, i'll see you in the studio in the next half hour to talk an auto body shop that is run by women and you can get your hair and nails done while you wait for your car to get fixed. >> well, thank you. we'll see you the studio in the next half hour. >> accuweather is coming up next. philadelphia international airport no problems to report heading in or heading out. melissa magee has your seven-day forecast with more snow when
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melissa magee is back. if you like the snow we got a taste of it this morning. >> and we are tracking more moisture overnight into saturday. lets show you what is going on with stormtracker 6 live double scan it's dry and quiet and no more issues with snowfall and we picked up an inch to 3 inches and the picture outside chopper 6 hd high above the sky looking at a horse farm and lots of snow on the farm as well. snow covered roads and some snow covered streets across portions of the region especially north and west and right now the road is wet as the moisture moved out from a west east direction. and 32 in philadelphia and 28 in reading be 19 in the poconos.
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cape may 32 and 34 i windchill and fresh snow pack on the ground. here is satellite 6 along with action radar there is the moisture moving on off to the east, we are tracking northern batch of snow and starting to get its act together across the northern gulf and some snow pressing into portions of the southeast. the setup is partly sunny and staying cold. maxing out at 35 degrees here in philadelphia and the snow as you see with the area of low pressure is starting to depart and fast forward into our weekend a high temperature of 129 and tracking the area of low pressure that stays offshore and the counterclockwise formation brings snow to new jersey and delaware that is why we have the winter storm watch for coastal sections and warning for cape may county. mostly cloudy in philadelphia
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and the snow is starting to arrive for areas in south jersey and delaware and even south as dover as well by 11:00 a heavier burst of snow in areas of south jersey and south and east there in kent county and even moisture pressing up close to that i-95 corridor. by 1:30 in the afternoon it's starting to depart. a sharp cutoff for the northwest suburbs and concentrated at the i-95 area season south jersey, and starts to depart by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. expected snowfall, it looks like the bull's-eye area looks to be areas in central ocean county, down across areas in wildwood and sussex county, 3 to 6 inches of snow, the immediate northwest suburbs of new jersey, 1 to 3 inches and philadelphia 1 inch to a coating in montgomery county and down through chester county as well. if there say change in the track we'll keep you up to date.
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here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast clouds to sun today, it's still cold and a high of 34, brisk and more snow to the east tomorrow and a high of 29, on sunday still cold and it feels like the teens when you factor in the windchill a high of 28 and 31 on monday and milder on tuesday as we start to thaw out at 40 and 52 and rain possible on wednesday and 46 on thursday. so a little snow today and more snow coming tomorrow. >> thank you again. >> there is more ahead in our next half hour of "action news" at 12:30, scary moments when a bobcat enters a home in florida and the family is taking extra precautions and taking you inside of the upper darby shop offering more than repairs, see how to get a new style as you wait. when we come right back. stay with us.
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state of emergency, a look at preparations that are underway. now the details, there is another chance of snowfall for parts of our area this weekend. after much of the delaware valley got at least a coating overnight and the flurries stuck to the ground and trees but did not cause a lot of problems on the roadways. sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge where there was speed reductions this morning because of the snowy conditions but things are back to normal at this hour. melissa magee is keeping an eye on another chance of snow this weekend. >> reporter: rick, we have changes on the way into the weekend, we had snow early this morning, it has since moved out and temperatures are certainly cold in the wake of that activity. 32 in the city and 29 in allentown and 19 in the poconos and 32 at the coast of cape may. and we picked up an ink to 3 inches of snow across the region and 6 in the poconos and feeling


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